The biopic no one asked for


Thor, a hapless musician from Cape Town, seeks stardom at any cost. Fed up with the local music scene, he moves to Berlin to make it BIG.




Production Company

Protagonist Studios (South Africa)

Production Partners

Film Crew (Germany)

Stage of Project

Financing & packaging


€ 360.000


6 x 20 minutes

Shooting Locations

South Africa, Germany, UK


English, German

Target Territories

Germany, Benelux, UK, Australia & NZ

Rob Smith
Rob Smith
David Franciscus









Thor Rixon is a musician from Cape Town who plays in a ska band with a group of disinterested band mates.

As a kid, Thor was obsessed with pop music, and pop icon Robbie Williams in particular. Once he got to high school, however, he was teased mercilessly for this, and now only aspires to play music that is deemed “cool.”

His mother, Michele, is his biggest fan, but hates his ska music and constructs a white lie that it’s a rare medical condition that prevents her from dancing to it. Thor hopes that he’ll be able to cure his mom with his music, whilst Michele hopes that one day Thor will be ready to join their family business, which constitutes the transportation and removal of dead horses.

Whilst delivering pizzas, Thor gets stuck in an elevator with a beautiful but anxious German woman, Mathilda. Through teaching her a technique to deal with the stress, they get talking and she gives him her number for if he’s ever in Berlin, offering to introduce him to her musician friends.

The next night, the big gig is a complete flop. Reaching rock bottom, Thor looks up to see a massive billboard offering a special for return flights to Berlin. It’s literally a sign.

Thor sets off to Berlin where he soon discovers that his only contact, Mathilda, is overseas and he is left on his own to busk to get by, learning the ropes the hard way. On top of this, his music is poorly received, so when he meets local muso, a friendly slam-poet, Philip.

After a night out with Philip, Thor realizes that the only way to get famous in Berlin is to leave ska behind and go full techno. Borrowing more money from his mother, from her selling her only remaining horse, Midnight, Thor hires a PR strategist, Lisa, a teenage prodigy.

Lisa mentors him through becoming techno and creating false hype on Instagram.This social media manipulation works, and before long Thor is Insta-famous in Berlin, despite never having performed. The mystery behind his non-existent music adds to the enigmatic nature of his online presence.

That night Thor accidentally runs into Mathilda, who is back from overseas, and incidentally discovers that her girlfriend is Peggy Gou (the most famous techno producer in Berlin). Peggy, having seen the hype about Thor online, offers Thor the chance to open for her that weekend.

At the big gig Thor feels confident about the music he’s created over two days, but it’s a complete disaster. His music is terrible and the bouncer has to ask him to stop playing. He has a meltdown on stage, leading to a storm of online mockery, followed by the total destruction of his carefully manufactured fame. Worse than people not liking him or his music, they no longer even acknowledge him at all.

Having lost all hope, and with visa expiring, Thor returns home, where a brief, desperate reunion of the band is soon abandoned.Thor gives up music and joins the family business.

One day, however, when collecting a dead horse from a decadent mansion, Thor realises the horses owner is his childhood icon, Robbie Williams. He has been hiding out in South Africa, keeping a low profile. When he shows Thor the music he’s been making, Thor decides to be honest about his own opinion of the music for the first time, telling him that he doesn’t like it. Robbie flips out and throws Thor out.

Soon after, however, Robbie Williams calls him back to his mansion where a room filled with music execs and hipsters listen to another of Robbie’s new tracks. Despite it being terrible, they all praise it. Thor, however, stays true and tells him he still doesn’t like it. Impressed by Thor’s integrity, Robbie kicks everyone else out and begins a musical journey with him.

In a final scene we see Thor and his original band, back on stage where they had their flopped gig, now dressed like a 90s boy band. They joyfully perform a cheesy pop track together as Michele watches on from the crowd, dancing.

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