Beskerm wat joune is (Protect what's yours)


In a land where machines hunt Earth’s last survivors, the stubborn child of a vulnerable family is driven to prove herself as a protector.




Production Company

Protagonist Studios

Production Partners

Mnet / KykNet

Stage of Project

Financing & packaging


€ 500000


100 minutes

Shooting Locations

South Africa


English / Afrikaans

Target Territories

Benelux / Germany / UK / N.America / South Africa


My Beskermer - Storyboard Frame 3
My Beskermer - Storyboard Frame 3


My Beskermer - Storyboard Frame 4 amended
My Beskermer - Storyboard Frame 4 amended


My Beskermer - Storyboard Frame 6
My Beskermer - Storyboard Frame 6



The post-apocalyptic Cape. The planet is overpopulated and filled with debris. The year is 2094. Earth Evacuation Day.

Jacob, brilliant cybernetics engineer and father of two attempts to secure his family passage into the last shuttle of the Earth Evacuation Program. Instead, he and the other countless poor are left behind while the rich escape to the stars. They are left behind with humanoid machines known as Beskermers (Protectors) who are programmed to clean up the trash of Earth… including the humans left behind. Hunters to purge the Earth’s scavengers.

Ten years pass. Jacob’s youngest daughter (Tink) is now twelve. She is naive and brash but also fearless. Cyberscars travel her face from a time her father had save her life after being attacked by a Beskermer. Accompanied by her best friend, a border collie named Indy, Tink scavenges down seemingly endless crevices where the Cape’s only edible food now grows. Her older sister Kari (28), attempts to solve her father’s final project: reprogramming an offline Beskermer to be their family protector. We learn Jacob died slowly from dementia leaving his work cryptic and incomplete. 

The sisters live in a hidden hovel with their Ouma (Grandmother). Other survivors are able to be contacted but they live on the other side of the impassible Scraps: An expansive, mechanical graveyard filled with Beskermers. 

Tink believes her scars are a reminder that she is weak and vulnerable. She wants to prove herself as a family protector. One day Tink sneaks beyond the safe zones in search of weapons. She is followed home by a Beskermer that nearly discovers them. It continues to search surrounding areas putting Tink’s family at risk. Tink and Kari learn the location of a battery amongst the Scraps but Kari believes it is too dangerous. Instead Kari decides they should gather as much food as they can in the crevices so they can wait out the searching Beskermer. The attempt goes disastrous when Kari goes too low down the crevice and nearly breaks her leg. They retreat home, empty handed and defeated. 

Tink decides to disobey Kari and sets off with Indy to retrieve the battery herself. They arrive at the scraps where they narrowly dodge several Beskermers. She encounters The Stranger, a mysterious old man who has lived among the scraps for years. He  knows where to find a battery but requires Tink to find him one in return. Tink manages to obtain batteries but is betrayed by the Stranger who kidnaps Indy and wants both batteries as ransom. After learning her lesson not to trust Stranger, Tink purposely alerts a Beskermer and leads it to Stranger. While the machine attacks Stranger, Tink rescues Indy. Tink races home with the battery in hand, but the Beskermer is now on her tail.

Tink reaches home to alert the others. Kari tries the battery in the machine but it doesn’t work. Kari tells Tink and Gran to hide in the panic room under the floors while she attempts to take care of the machine. Kari’s shotgun is barely effective against the lethal machine. When she is nearly killed, Ouma intervenes by bringing an EMP bomb to the Beskermer and sacrificing herself to launch it. The beskermer is heavily damaged but retreats to alert other Beskermers.

Devastated by loss, The sisters know that more Beskermers are likely to come with no hope for their protection. Tink and Kari bury their Ouma. Kari is furious. She tells Tink to abandon the hovel and search for fellow survivors while she attempts to destroy the Beskermer’s local network tower at the most Beskermer ridden site: The Exodus Launch station. Tink has lost her confidence, believing Ouma’s death is her fault. She attempts to destroy Jacob’s project in frustration but discovers a strange spark emitting from the machine. That same spark emits from her cyber-scars. She discovers that beneath her scars are ports the connect her to the machine which she can now command through a mimic system via control helmet. Her father’s device comes to life as Tink 2.0. 

Kari reaches the launch site only to find three Beskermers guard the signal tower. Kari attempts to sneak in but is discovered. Tink reaches the launch site just in time to save Kari. With Tink 2.0 in their control, the sisters battle their way to the roof. In a battle on the roof, the final beskermer manages to deceptive Tink 2.0 and leave Tink vulnerable. Just as it prepares to make is final blow on her, Tink learns that thanks to her cyber-scars she can harness a “techno-pathic” ability to halt the Beskermer just in time for Tink 2.0 to reactivate and defeat the Beskermers. The tower is destroyed.

The sisters return to the hovel and have a proper funeral for Ouma. We discover that their belongings in the hovel are packed for travel. Tink and Kari have restored Tink 2.0. They are now ready to face the hostile world and search for others. Tink now knows she is a family protector. Not by erasing her scars, but by embracing them.

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